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Video: Community radios mobilise rural communities in Niger

17 Oct. 2018 | Story

The population in Niger depends on community radio for information. 85 per cent of the population lives in the country side and with only one in five being literate, radio is the only media accessible to everyone. The country’s 184 community radios run mostly by volunteers, provide the citizens with essential, local information from their...

Article on the plight of migrants in Algeria wins award

04 Oct. 2018 | Story

An Algerian journalist has received a Migrantion Media Award for his work after being part of an IMS programme aiming to improve the African coverage of migration issues.

New online training programme for journalists in closed countries

03 Oct. 2018 | Story

Closed borders are no obstacle for new online training programme offering professional training to journalists from three Arab conflict zones.

Daraj: A new step for Arab media

06 Nov. 2017 | Story

“In the Arabic media, the story is either funded by Iran or Saudi Arabia, it is either Sunni or Shia, it is either Assad or Isis – it is never the impartial, objective reported story,” says Alia Ibrahim, co-founder of Daraj, a new pan-Arab new site.

New exhibition: Afghan photographers on display

31 Oct. 2017 | Story

The photo exhibition ’16 Years of Reporting in Afghanistan’ showcases the challenges for photographers and the tough environment journalists operate under.

Johnston to Keynote ARIJ’s 10th Arab Investigative Journalism Forum

10 Oct. 2017 | Story

First keynote speaker announced for the upcoming Annual Forum for Arab Investigative Journalism in Jordan: David Cay Johnston, award-winning journalist and author of “The Making of Donald Trump”, will be the keynote speaker at

Syrian news editor: “The war limits the stories we can do”

21 Sep. 2017 | Story

Reporting from a war torn country like Syria limits the types of stories you can do, concludes the news editor in chief of Syrian exile Radio Rozana after a visit with Danish Radio 24seven. But she looks forward to the day Rozana can start broadcasting ‘soft’ news.

The Economic Map of Ghouta: Tunnels and ‘the Prince of Cheese’

24 Jul. 2017 | Story

Investigative story from Syrian Independent Media Group: The tunnels between Eastern Ghouta, held by the Syrian opposition, and remaining opposition-held areas in Damascus are a big business opportunity for those who control the movement of goods

Danish government commits 72 million DKK over four years for media support

04 Jul. 2017 | Story

IMS has been selected as one of 17 organisations to enter into a new, four year strategic partnership agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs amounting to 18 million DKK a year.

Mosul media gearing up for peace and positive role

31 May. 2017 | Story

In Mosul a diverse group of media are making plans for how to play a positive role in the re-build of the city, once IS have been fully defeated.

Ukrainian media: between war and peace

23 Sep. 2015 | Story

While the conflict in Ukraine’s east and the impact of Russia's information warfare on the media receives great attention, the achievements and challenges Ukraine's media sector are largely overlooked

Tunisian media: Between a rock and a hard place

13 Aug. 2015 | Story

In the aftermath of Tunisia's terrorist attacks, the government and the media are having a hard time balancing democratic values and the need to address security threats

Tajik journalists confront Syria war recruitment

15 Jul. 2015 | Story

Recruitment of young people to join the conflict in Syria continues to grow. In Tajikistan, a group of journalism students took on the problem

IMS launches new programme to strengthen Pakistan’s media

09 Apr. 2015 | Story

The impressive growth in Pakistan’s media over the past decade is a success story in its own right. But citizens in conflict-affected areas have yet to reap the full benefits of the vibrant media.

Iraqi Kurdish women’s magazine breaks with tradition, seeks to inspire

05 Mar. 2015 | Story

Going by her trendy-looking newsroom, Ala Latiff could be in Paris or New York. Actually she's only a few hundred kilometres away from Islamic State.