Good journalism. Better societies.

IMS (International Media Support) pushes for quality journalism, challenges repressive laws and keeps media workers of all genders safe, so that they can do their jobs. Through alliances and innovation, we help free, independent media contribute to positive change and better societies.


Special projects and other areas of focus

War in Gaza: a deadly time for journalists

Journalists in Gaza are struggling to stay alive and keep themselves and their families safe while continuing their crucial work. Working conditions are dismal, there is a lack of internet and frequent information blackouts. If we lose the journalists in Gaza, we lose trustworthy information from the war zone, human suffering will go unnoticed and war crimes undocumented.

IMS in Ukraine

IMS' current Ukraine programme began in 2020 as part of the New Democracy Fund. While IMS' original ambitions had been to strengthen civil society partnerships in Ukraine, the scope of the programme changed dramatically following Russia's invasion in February 2022.

UN Plan of Action

The UNPA is the backdrop for IMS’ collaborations with local partners to establish national safety mechanisms, a priority for IMS in our work to improve the safety of journalists.