Good journalism. Better societies.

IMS (International Media Support) pushes for quality journalism, challenges repressive laws and keeps media workers of all genders safe, so that they can do their jobs. Through alliances and innovation, we help free, independent media contribute to positive change and better societies.


Special projects and other areas of focus

IMS Documentary Film

IMS Documentary Film works with independent filmmakers from around the world to develop new projects, connect with the film industries and enable collaborative storytelling that creates impact and contributes to social, political and cultural developments.

IMS in Afghanistan

IMS has been engaged in Afghanistan since 2001, promoting access to free and independent media alongside the predominant challenge of improving Afghan journalists’ safety. We are continuing to work with our partners to ensure access to information for the Afghan population.

Journalism against the odds

IMS' 2021 annual report introduces journalists and media outlets that are continuously striving to produce and promote good journalism.