War in Gaza: a deadly time for journalists

Israel's war on Gaza is the deadliest conflict on record for reporters. Working conditions are dismal, there is a lack of internet and frequent information blackouts. Like everyone else in Gaza, journalists are struggling to stay alive and keep themselves and their families safe while continuing their crucial work. If we lose the journalists in Gaza, we lose trustworthy information from the war zone, human suffering will go unnoticed and war crimes undocumented.

Support Gaza’s journalists

Being a journalist in Gaza is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world right now. Every day a journalist is killed as a result of the war. The journalists need your support.

Your support goes to:

  • Food, clothes, blankets and other utilities for journalists and their families.
  • Safety equipment and gear for journalists, such as press vests, helmets, cell phones and cameras.
  • Psychosocial support for journalists.
  • Ongoing support to keep as many media outlets as possible operating.

Personal accounts of the war

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In this video, three women journalists share their experiences of working at the frontline, risking their lives to document the realities on the ground. Every day, they face a very difficult dilemma: Should they continue working to give the world first-hand insight into the war’s fatal consequences for Gaza’s civilians? Or should they scale down or even stop so that they can be with their children and loved ones.


How did we get here?

While Gaza has been all over the news since 7 October, the Occupied Palestinian Territory as a whole has never been a safe place to practice journalism.

A deadly time for journalists:

Impunity for crimes against journalists remain shockingly high.