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Magnus Ag

Public interest infrastructure adviser

  • Gender, Organisational Learning & Development

Magnus Ag

Magnus Ag is the public interest infrastructure advisor at International Media Support (IMS). He is a human rights advocate, journalist, researcher and the founder of Bridge Figures (a human rights project in a data-driven world). He also serves as an advisor to Columbia University’s signature research project The Politics of Visual Art in a Changing World and to Avant-Garde Lawyers. He previously lived in Hong Kong where he wrote about the 2019 pro-democracy movement for leading international publications and has contributed both as an author and co-curator to the Disruption Network Lab in Berlin. He has spent a decade defending the right to freedom of expression including the right to artistic freedom with Copenhagen-based Freemuse and as the Assistant Advocacy Director for the Committee to Protect Journalists during five years in New York.


Asma Ajroudi

Programme Manager

  • Middle East & North Africa

Asma Ajroudi

Asma Ajroudi is a journalist with extensive research background in Tunisia’s post-revolution media landscape. She has covered politics, conflict and marginalized communities across the MENA region.



Gulnara Akhundova

Head of Department

  • Global Response

Gulnara Akhundova

Gulnara Akhundova is Head of IMS’ Global Response Department and a human rights defender with wide-ranging international advocacy expertise. She specialises in Eurasia politics, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Central Asia, Georgia, Russia, Turkey, international human rights law, Council of Europe & UN Human Rights Council.  Akhundova has contributed stories on violations of press freedom to a number of international media outlets, including French Liberation, the Independent, and Huffington Post.

al Hani

Mohamed al Hani

Project Coordinator, Yemen

  • Middle East & North Africa

Mohamed al Hani

Mohamed al Hani is the project coordinator in the Yemen program. Mohamed is a specialist in radio journalism and has participated in the capacity building and development of several media/journalists, particularly in the MENA region.

He has also been a trainer of media trainers and trainer for civil society actors and journalists in campaigning for social change in the same region in addition to the region of sub-Saharan Africa such as Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan.

Mohamed did his graduate studies at the Sorbonne Paris I Panthéon and began his career as a journalist as a presenter at radio Monte Carlo Doualiya in Paris, journalist collaborating at Euronews Lyon then editor in chief in Tunisian media after the advent of the revolution of 2011.

He is sensitive to the question of the relationship between journalism and peace building in the context of conflicts/post-conflict and to the question of the real pluralism (and not of facade) of media expressions as a factor for the success of democratic transition processes.


Roby Alampay

Asia Regional Adviser

  • Asia

Abukar Albadri

Programme Coordinator, Somalia

  • Africa

Shaan Ali

Assistant Program Manager

  • Documentary films
  • Middle East & North Africa

Phone: +45 3189 3520


Mamoun Alkawa

Assistant Programme Manager

  • Middle East & North Africa

Mamoun Alkawa




Henrik Andersen

Programme Manager, Iraq

  • Middle East & North Africa

Maha Assabalani

Programme Coordinator, Yemen

  • Middle East & North Africa

Helene Bach

Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser

  • Gender, Organisational Learning & Development

Maria Gerey Bak

Head of Fundraising

  • Fundraising

Phone: +45 6170 2905

Baltzer Madsen

Stine Baltzer Madsen

Programme Cycle Management Advsior

  • Gender, Organisational Learning & Development

Lars H. Bestle

Head of Department

  • Asia

Phone: +45 8832 7000

Bo Kristensen

Pernille Bo Kristensen

Programme Officer

  • Asia

Emma Lygnerud Boberg

Gender and Programme Development Adviser

  • Global Response

Phone: +4553607915