IMS is the largest media development organisation in the Nordic region. We work in more than 30 countries across four continents promoting press freedom, good journalism and safety for journalists.

Around the world journalists and media outlets are under increasing pressure when their professional independence and press freedom come under attack

In countries affected by armed conflict or political transition the result is often that the media are prevented from doing their job. But access to trustworthy information can be a matter of life and death. People need reliable information to hold authorities to account and to make informed decisions that influence their lives and societies for the better.

That is why we aim to create safer media environments with sound laws for journalists in countries where press freedom and other human rights are in dire straits. Our work is based on long-term engagements tailoured to the local country contexts in which we seek to make a difference and always in partnership with local and international media actors.

Our mission

We support local media to reduce conflict and strengthen democracy. We promote press freedom, save journalists’ lives and pave the way for good journalism and reliable information for everyone.

Our organisation

IMS (International Media Support) is an international non-profit organisation working across four continents. Our staff of around 160 employees of more than 45 different nationalities work from headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as from regional country offices around the world.

Founded in 2001 in the wake of conflicts in Rwanda and the Balkans where media was used as a tool to incite war, IMS works in a context sensitive manner, carefully assessing the needs of local media in each country before entering in close dialogue with local organisations and international peers and adjusting our work as the situation changes.

Our programmes are attentive towards gender balance and minorities, as we strongly believe in the importance of enabling women and members of marginalised groups to participate equally and freely in the media as an integral part of democratic development.

IMS is headed by Executive Director Jesper Højberg. The Deputy Director is Allison Brixtofte (Finance and Resourses).

Our board

  • Andrew Puddephatt

    Chairman of the Board, International Media Support, Board member, Global Partners Digital, United Kingdom
  • Ann-Magrit Austenå

    Leadership development, Oslo Diocese, Church of Norway
  • Tine Johansen

    President, The Danish Union of Journalists, Denmark
  • Gene Kimmelman

    Former President of Public Knowledge, Georgetown University, United States
  • Edetaen Ojo

    Executive Director, Media Rights Agenda, Nigeria
  • Mette Thygesen

    International Director, Institute for Human Rights, Denmark
  • Moukhtar Kocache

    Independent adviser and consultant, Lebanon/United States
  • Eva Grambye

    Independent adviser, Denmark
  • Mads Brandstrup

    CEO, Association of Danish Media, Denmark
  • Henrik Berggen

    Head of Institute of Journalism, Danish School of Journalism, Denmark