Peer-to-peer media assistance

The DJ Safety Fund managed by IMS for the Danish Union of Journalists provides support for journalists victimised as a direct result of their journalistic work. The support is made possible through donations made by members of the Danish Union of Journalists in solidarity with their international colleagues under threat.

The Fund is used in cases where:

  • Individual journalists are targeted or victimised as a direct result of their work;
  • A journalist has been killed or rendered otherwise incapable of sustaining his/her family;
  • A journalist is in need of immediate protection as a result of a direct threat (relocation, safe houses, evacuation out of the country or region);
  • Urgent legal or medical assistance is required;

Support is given only in the short-term, and no longer than 6 months, covering the immediate needs of the individual or his/her close relatives.

In 2016, a total of 49 media workers have received assistancethrough the Danish Union of Journalists and their Safety Fund.