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Azerbaijani journalists to improve skills at the Guardian and BBC

03 Oct. 2011 | Story

To gain insight into the professional working environments of some of the most acclaimed media outlets in the world, seven Azerbaijani journalists will be visiting the UK

Bhutan Media Development Assessment

14 Sep. 2011 | Publication

The Media Development Assessment 2010 is an evaluation of the rapidly changing media climate in Bhutan. The study, based on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) media development indicators (MDIs), is the first of its kind to be conducted in the country.

17 February Revolution: Media in north-eastern Libya

18 Jul. 2011 | Publication

A report on the media situation in north-eastern Libya, compiled on the basis of two IMS visits to Libya in May and June 2011. After the revolution the now unrestriced media in this part of the country is booming, and media experts from IMS visited Libya to examine a selection of the approximately 120 media, currently making up the media landscape in the north-eastern part of the country.

Media development in Tunisia

17 Jul. 2011 | Publication

In January 2011, the people of Tunisia were the first in a number of countries in the Arab region to push through a regime change where former president Ben Ali was forced to step down. In its wake followed a newfound freedom of expression and a widened space for media outlets to work independently.

Southern Sudan referendum 2011

17 Jun. 2011 | Publication

The Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC) was established in January 2010 to implement a project on media and elections in Sudan. Following the successful completion and reporting on the media coverage of the April 2010 elections, the SMEC was once more contracted to undertake a number of media related activities in relation to the Southern Sudan Referendum of January 2011.

Climate-change journalism in China

18 May. 2011 | Publication

How do Chinese journalists cover climate-change stories – and what opportunities for international cooperation in the field of climate-change reporting exist for funders, NGOs and governments? These are the two related questions that this report attempts to address.

Election training for Journalists in Les Cayes

IMS supports training on election reporting in Haiti

25 Mar. 2011 | Story

Ahead of last week's election in Haiti, 25 journalists went through training in electoral reporting in the southern city of Les Cayes to support them in playing a constructive watchdog role in the electoral process

IMS strengthens media programme in Iraq

28 Feb. 2011 | Story

In a move to strengthen a media sector fractured by identity politics, International Media Support is expanding its current programme in Iraq

Afghan and Pakistani journalists in dialogue about media cooperation

22 Feb. 2011 | Story

An unprecendented gathering in Kabul brought together journalists and editors from Pakistan and Afghanistan to discuss the opportunities for media cooperation between the two countries

A new beginning for Haitian journalists as press centres open around the country

20 Jan. 2011 | Story

Following the earthquake on 12 January last year, the new press centre in Petit Goave two hours drive west of Port-au-Prince marks the second in a series of initiatives being launched around the country to support Haitian journalists

Monitoring the coverage of Sudan 2010 elections

14 Dec. 2010 | Publication

This report presents a comprehensive analysis on media freedom, access, transparency, and the level of diversity in voices within the public domain during the recently concluded Sudan National Elections (April 2010) and leading up to the South Sudan Referendum (January 2011).

Media and Elections: An Elections Reporting Handbook

14 May. 2004 | Publication

Elections are a flashpoint for media issues. This is when the relationships between reporters, governments and civil society actors come into sharper focus, and potentially, conflict. There are specific tools and information that can aid reporters and elections management bodies in providing citizens with the best information possible to make informed decisions at the polls.

Conflict Sensitive Journalism

12 Apr. 2004 | Publication

Good journalism is difficult work at the best of times. There is never enough information and not enough time. Reporters rely on their training and standards to overcome these difficulties and deliver news which is accurate and impartial. That is the traditional role of journalism — to enable the public to make well-informed decisions. However,...