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Radio Ergo helps combat Cholera outbreak in Somalia

09 Oct. 2017 | Story

The deadly disease Cholera is spreading in Somalia. Broadcasts by Radio Ergo on the how to get treatment have raised awareness in some of the poorest neighbourhoods.

Story of young Somali girl prompts ordinary people to respond

31 Mar. 2017 | Story

The heartbreaking story of nine-year old Maimun, who trekked with her younger siblings on a survival walk of nearly 350 km across drought-ravaged southern Somalia, became the talk of Somali social media after it was aired by Radio Ergo in March.

Radio Inzamba provides Burundians hope and comfort in addition to daily news and information

13 Sep. 2016 | Story

When a political crisis erupted in Burundi in the Spring of 2015 nearly all independent media outlets were closed or destroyed in only a few weeks. As part of IMS’ rapid response intervention to try to counter the state-controlled narrative and provide access to independent information, the Burundian online radio in exile, Inzamba, was set up

Radio Ergo: Amplifying Somali Women’s Voices

07 Sep. 2016 | Story

Radio Ergo, the IMS-run Somali humanitarian radio broadcasting across Somalia is starting to see the results of its new gender policy which includes efforts to raise gender sensitivity among its Somali producers and local correspondents.

Burundi in ‘media blackout’

03 Jul. 2015 | Story

As Burundi's political crisis deepens, tensions escalate and violent clashes continue, the country's journalists are coming under massive pressure.

A sense of normalcy in Iraqi Kurdistan

19 Mar. 2015 | Story

“My heart is flooded with joy to meet new people and to get out of the camp for a change. A bit of normalcy for once.” Asmaa, a young Turkmen girl was driven from her home by Islamic State and now lives in a refugee camp.

New wave of displacement intensifies need for humanitarian information in Iraq

23 Oct. 2014 | Story

As the conflict in Iraq escalates, hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons are in dire need of humanitarian information.

Humanitarian information needs and the Syria crisis

21 Aug. 2014 | Story

Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan are in dire need of humanitarian information. An IMS needs assessment maps the most urgent needs and provides recommendations for humanitarian agencies

Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq: Humanitarian information needs of Syrian refugees

21 Aug. 2014 | Publication

This assessment report provides an overview of the information and communications needs among Syrian camp and non-camp refugees in and around the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq, and gives insights into information and communications needs within the host community. Nearly 400 households, local media, key informants in an around the city of Sulaymaniyah were interviewed for the assessment.

Humanitarian communication tools launched

27 Jul. 2014 | Story

The IMS-supported network for humanitarian communication, CDAC, launches a suite of tools to assess citizens’ communication needs during humanitarian crises

Somalia radio turns words into action

22 Jul. 2014 | Story

Hearing her voice on the radio, Farhia Hersi was overjoyed. She remembered speaking to a reporter about water shortages in Ceel Waq in southern Somalia’s Gedo region, but never imagined anything would come of it.

Communication gaps a key challenge in Central African Republic

28 Feb. 2014 | Story

Covering the Central African Republic’s humanitarian situation is proving an almost insurmountable challenge for the country’s media

The Central African Republic: Media in a complex emergency

14 Jan. 2014 | Publication

Media in the Central African Republic is faced with severe challenges in covering the developments of the country’s unfolding unrest. Security issues make it impossible for journalists to move around, and some have been targeted as a result of their reporting.

Amplifying the voices of Somalia

26 Jul. 2013 | Story

"I have stories and poems to give to you, please contact me,” says a caller from Galgaduud in central Somalia in his voice message to Radio Ergo, an IMS-supported radio service providing people across Somalia with vital humanitarian news and information

Radio network rejects Puntland radio ban

18 Mar. 2013 | Story

A ban prohibiting radios based in Somalia’s Puntland region from rebroadcasting content from three radios is met with opposition from the IMS-supported radio network “Network 2013”.