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Zimbabwe sees first fact-checking platform

28 Mar. 2018 | Story

What is the salary of junior doctors in Zimbabwe, and did the country really lose $15 billion in diamond revenue? Zimbabwe’s new fact-checking platform, ZimFact, brings truth to the issues discussed in the public debate.

Blog: Are we ready to defend the truth?

01 Sep. 2017 | Story

We must ask ourselves why fake news stories have the power to become influential. IMS programme manager Antonina Cherevko argues that the reason is because fake news tap into negative stereotypes audiences already harbor.

Fake News vs. Good Journalism: Meet the panelists

28 Mar. 2017 | Story

Get a little closer to the panelists ahead of IMS’ debate seminar on Fake News vs. Good Journalism on Wednesday 5 April. We've gathered some of their research and reflections and hope it will inspire you to either join the debate - or watch the live broadcast on IMS' Facebook account.