IMS Annual Report 2012

With 2012 being one of the deadliest years for journalists and media workers on record, ensuring their safety and challenging the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of such attacks remain more important than ever.

In recognition of the dangers that face media workers around the world, the IMS Annual Report 2012 not only provides an overview of IMS’ impact in media development across the world, but also looks at how IMS works with the safety of journalists in a chapter dedicated to this theme. IMS’ focus of media safety is an integral part of our overall work to drive forward the democratic role of media in countries experiencing armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition.

IMS Annual Report 2012: Online version

While optimism turned to realism for media in the Middle East and North Africa in the course of 2012 following the Arab spring, democratic reforms in Myanmar provided the positive story of increased press freedom in the regions of South and Southeast Asia where IMS worked. In both Egypt and Myanmar IMS supported the work of national coalitions and press councils to draft new media laws. In Africa, conflict sensitive journalism training of reporters preparing to cover Kenyan elections in spring 2013 sparked a change in the mindsets of many of the journalists trained, raising awareness of their responsibility to contribute to peaceful elections.

In Latin America, IMS has worked to initiate a dialogue between media and security forces in the border zones between Colombia and Venezuela, increasing mutual understanding and aiming to reduce attacks on journalists. Also in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, the intimidation and lack of safety of journalists in countries such as Azerbaijan led IMS to strengthen our advocacy efforts in partnership with other organisations launching an internet watchdog coalition Expression Online and campaigning which led to the release of three human rights defenders.

The report also pays tribute to our trusted partners, some of whom have suffered violent and at times deadly attacks in the past year. This annual report honours their efforts.