Request for tender: Framework agreement for proposal writer

IMS is hereby inviting interested bidders to offer its services to complete the assignment described in this Request for Tender. Please note the information on Tender Format and Selection Criteria below. 

Please submit your tender clearly marked with:

“N/A – to be registered when tender process has been closed”by registered e-mail to:

The deadline for receipt of your tender is: 4pm Copenhagen time zone, 20 May 2024.

Tenders received after the deadline will be rejected.

If you do not receive a confirmation from IMS, please contact IMS for verification of receipt.

Your tender shall be composed of a technical proposal and a financial proposal as per the following instructions and in accordance with the requirements specified in this Request for Tender:

  1. Technical proposal, containing:
    • Proposed method of work for proposal developments
    • CV, specifying geographic, thematic and donor experience.  
    • References.
  1. Financial proposal, containing:
    • Day rate fees.

Your tender should be valid for no less than 30 days from the deadline for receipt of the tenders. IMS will strive to notify all bidders of the outcome of their tenders by 20 June 2024.

Framework agreements will be awarded to the Bidder(s) offering the best value for money with reference to the selection criteria.

By participating in this tender, the Bidder accepts IMS general conditions for Framework Agreements (Annex 1).

IMS reserves the right to reject a bid, if it without reasonable doubt, determines that the Bidder has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, or coercive practices.

All enquires and questions should be addressed to

Download the Request for Tender

Can an expert run the same activity as outlined in the tender for an organisation operating within the same sector (i.e., media dev)? It is understood that the expert will ensure geographical distinctions in their assignment to prevent overlaps.Yes, this will be possible, as long as conflict of interest is considered and not an issue. If the expert wins the tender, potential conflict of interest should be brought to IMS’ attention and considered on a case by case basis.
Is it allowed to submit a proposal as a group of experts (i.e., collaborative pool)? If so, should the response be made under the name of a registered entity/organisation?Yes, this is allowed.
Yes, the response can be made as a pool of experts and use the name of the registered entity, though it will be important to include CVs of each of the experts and clearly show each experience/competences specifically required in the tender.
In the event that responding as a pool is feasible, can the requested references in the ToRs be common (i.e., a total of five donor references for the entire pool)?This requirement remains for every individual although being part of a pool.