Covid-19 short docs: Ukraine in lockdown

Cat therapy and mustard plasters. Anxiety and oxygen masks. Lonely distancing from grand parents and roaring protests against the Ukrainian government.

Five Ukrainian filmmakers were invited to produce short documentary films portraying the national lockdown which was imposed after the outbreak of Covid-19. The concept was simple: one camera, one week. The result is five personal and diverse films that allow you to peak into the varied experiences of the new reality – the protester demanding justice for the killing of a local activist, the churchgoers who are forced to celebrate holidays alone by the television, the patient struggling to regain her life a long time after the coronavirus has left her body.

The films are a part of the series “Living in Time of Coronavirus”, initiated by IMS, where filmmakers from across the world tell their stories from life under lockdown. They are broadcast by local media in order to broaden the perspective on the pandemics’ influence on Ukrainians.

IMS’ documentary film programme works to promote documentary filmmaking and its ability to contribute to social, cultural and political change in challenging environments and during trying times, for example a national health crisis. To promote the production of good, accurate public interest content and to empower the Ukrainian youth, IMS recently launched a new programme in Ukraine which works with documentary film and journalism made by, about and for young audiences.

These initiatives are supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the DANEP programme.