Media law reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks

Media freedom has evolved from the right to freedom of expression which is a fundamental human right protected by international and regional instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In countries where the legal environment restricts freedom of expression and media freedom, IMS works to engage with local and international partners in media reform policy issues. We do this in order to support local demands for the country to create a legal environment conducive to free media development and in compliance with internationally recognised standards.

What we do

  • Support partners engaged in drafting of the legislation, and national dialogues that involve public authorities, media organisations and other stakeholders;
  • Advocacy and awareness-raising around the need to develop and adopt the new legislation;
  • Legal education and traning for journalists, civil activists, media lawyers, public officials, judges, and law enforcement authorities to help ensure the laws are carried out in practice;
  • Strategic litigation to create a positive court practice, and knowledge-sharing;
  • Exchange of expertise and legal reviews that ensure compliance of laws with internationally recognised freedom of expression standards;
  • Manage the MENA Media Law Reform process, including a digital library making resource materials accessible to all;
  • Monitoring of law implementation.

What we do

Safety in journalism

We help journalists protect themselves and report professionally under pressure

Advocating media rights

We help bring attention to press freedom violations and advocate for change

Media law reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks

Professional associations and media centres

We support media and journalists’ associations, unions, and press councils

Media business development

We help media develop sustainable business plans and compete on the market

New media and technology

We work to safeguard the principles of independent and pluralistic media and Freedom of Expression online

Professionalising journalism

We work to improve the content and quality of media products