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New magazine for women in Iraqi Kurdistan breaks with tradition

02 Feb. 2015 | Story

Stories about female fighters and escaping from IS. A new magazine for women with a fresh and brave approach to journalism hits the streets of Sulemaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Libyan radio producers at work. Photo: Flickr

A turbulent 2014 for Libya’s media

23 Jan. 2015 | Story

Violent conflict and political turmoil posed significant challenges to Libya’s media sector in the course of 2014, causing media outlets to close and hampering media development efforts.

Yemen’s new generation of radio journalists

30 Oct. 2014 | Story

Yemen's journalists are often under immense pressure from editors and media owners and are faced with some of the most difficult working conditions in the world. Danish journalist Frank Esmann tells of his experiences training a group of young, budding Yemeni radio journalists.

The local journalists who don’t make the headlines

29 Oct. 2014 | Story

Iraqi Kurdistan used to have one of Iraq’s most stable media environments. But after months of fighting between Islamic State and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the region’s independent journalists have arguably become some of the most hard-pressed in the world.

Afghanistan’s media under severe pressure as election draws near

11 Feb. 2014 | Story

Afghanistan’s journalists face an uphill battle to cover the country’s April presidential election and to not die trying

Leading the way in Tunisia

21 Jan. 2014 | Story

What does it take to become a true frontrunner in journalism? A group of Tunisian journalists and editors are about to find out as they take part in the IMS-supported Media Innovateurs course

Yemen: Moving forward through cooperation

16 Dec. 2013 | Story

Security issues, lack of professionalism, limited independence, financial woes, and political influence over the media. There is no shortage of challenges facing Yemen’s media. In late November, media groups from across the country came together in Sana’a to find new ways to tackle them through joint efforts

New prospects for Libya’s media as militias lose ground

19 Nov. 2013 | Story

Last week’s protests in Libya’s capital Tripoli left dozens dead and hundreds injured. Fueled by public anger at the country’s multitude of militias, the protests indicate the armed groups losing ground, including in their ability to pressurise the media

IMS launches project to improve media pluralism in Azerbaijan

13 Nov. 2013 | Story

International Media Support is launching a new project in Azerbaijan to improve professional and ethical standards of the country’s media. The project “Change in the Air: Monitoring and Promoting Media Pluralism in Azerbaijan” funded by the European Union, will strengthen media monitoring practices in Azerbaijan and enhance advocacy efforts for important changes in the country’s...

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Myanmar Journalism School to promote journalistic professionalism

04 Nov. 2013 | Story

The first Center for Excellence in journalism education is on the drawing board in Myanmar with broad engagement of the country's media industry and civil society. The Myanmar Journalism School (MyJS) aims to be a homegrown center of quality learning and practice in journalism

Myanmar publications on sale

Political parties and the media in Myanmar on the same path to democracy

22 Sep. 2013 | Story

Political parties and media play crucial roles in the process of democratisation. But lack of mutual understanding may inadvertently work against a democratic process. On 14-15 September, Myanmar’s political parties and leading media outlets met to discuss how media and political parties together can promote democratic politics – and ensure a well-informed public

Morsi ousting puts renewed pressure on Egypt’s media

04 Jul. 2013 | Story

The closure of three TV channels is cause for ‘grave concern’ when it comes to the media’s role in Egypt’s crucial process

Making sense of Egypt’s news

29 Jun. 2013 | Story

In the midst of growing protests against President Mohamed Morsi, the newspaper Mada promises independent, in-depth analysis of Egypt’s crucial period

Old problems receive new attention in Egypt’s media

22 Apr. 2013 | Story

Sexual harassment is a severe and deep-rooted problem in the Egyptian society, but until recently the issue only received scant attention from the country’s mainstream media

10 years after the war: Iraq’s media caught in sectarian crossfire

19 Mar. 2013 | Story

Intensifying sectarian tensions, a threat of civil war, and media which adds fuel to the fire. Osama Al-Habahbeh, IMS’ Iraq Programme Manager takes stock of Iraq’s media 10 years after the US-led invasion began