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Myanmar 2.0: Films and guests from the world’s youngest democracy

19 Jul. 2017 | Story

In an IMS-supported two-day event in early august, Cinemateket in Copenhagen is focusing on Myanmar with a programme presenting both films and debates.

One year after the coup: State of the press in Turkey

14 Jul. 2017 | Story

Since the attempted coup on 15 July 2016, a severe crackdown on the country’s media has followed. With 166 journalists currently in jail according to the Turkish NGO “Platform 24”, Turkey now holds the record as the country with the largest number of journalists behind bars.

New legislative proposal in Russia could peg media as “foreign agents”

13 Jul. 2017 | Story

The Russian "foreign agent" law may affect media in Russia receiving funding from abroad.

Danish government commits 72 million DKK over four years for media support

04 Jul. 2017 | Story

IMS has been selected as one of 17 organisations to enter into a new, four year strategic partnership agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs amounting to 18 million DKK a year.

IMS at The Bornholm People’s Political Festival

09 Jun. 2017 | Story

The People’s Political Festival is a unique meeting of citizens, politicians, private sector and civil society set on the island of Bornholm from 15 – 18 June. IMS will be there leading on a number of explosive debates.

The Gambia: The process for media sector reforms has begun

09 Jun. 2017 | Story

After the peaceful transition from dictatorship towards democracy, The Gambia has begun the process of developing a free, responsible and professional media sector.

QUIZ: How much do you know about press freedom?

03 May. 2017 | Story

3 May is World Press Freedom Day. Take the quiz on global press freedom - and find out how much you really know!

IPI & IMS name 2017 media award winners

25 Apr. 2017 | Story

IPI Awards: Ethiopia’s Eskinder Nega is this year's Press Freedom Hero and Afghan Journalists Safety Committee named as the 2017 Free Media Pioneer in recognition of the group’s courageous and trailblazing work to prevent, combat and monitor attacks on journalists in one of the world’s most dangerous media environments.