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Internet freedom: a cat and mouse game for independent media

04 Mar. 2018 | Story

In many closed societies, the internet is one of the few ways people can access independent, critical news and information. But in recent years, staying online and accessible has become a cat and mouse game that independent journalists, techies and activists are forced to play with repressive authorities. Many of those techies and internet freedom...

The battle for freedom of expression online: Where are the journalists?

12 Dec. 2017 | Story

As threats to freedom of expression online continue to grow, journalists need to get more involved in shaping the digital future of our global media ecosystem

New report on challenges for media in South and Southeast Asia

11 Dec. 2017 | Story

A new report produced by IMS in collaboration with Fojo Media Institute documents the many challenges of the media in South and Southeast Asia and presents recommendations for future intervention strategies to strengthen public interest journalism in the regions and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

A Changing Asian Media

11 Dec. 2017 | Publication

Based upon an assessment of the current media environment, the report identifies key needs and challenges for the media, journalists and the general public and suggests interventions that can promote greater accountability, democratic space and areas for information sharing, networking and debate through professional and independent media in the region.

Innovative Tunisian media holds authorities to account

04 Dec. 2017 | Story

The Tunisian NGO Al Khatt and its online media Inkyfada are showing the way for press freedom and independent, investigative reporting in a country that still struggles to uphold the gains post-Ben Ali.

Closing spaces: Meet the panelists

08 Nov. 2017 | Story

Upcoming debate seminar on Closing Spaces on Thursday 16 November with expert panelists. Get to know them here.

Daraj: A new step for Arab media

06 Nov. 2017 | Story

“In the Arabic media, the story is either funded by Iran or Saudi Arabia, it is either Sunni or Shia, it is either Assad or Isis – it is never the impartial, objective reported story,” says Alia Ibrahim, co-founder of Daraj, a new pan-Arab new site.

Impact in a visual wrapping

26 Oct. 2017 | Story

From three continents, Visualizing Impact is filling the world with powerful visuals making heavy material accessible. The mission is to generate change.

Danish government commits 72 million DKK over four years for media support

04 Jul. 2017 | Story

IMS has been selected as one of 17 organisations to enter into a new, four year strategic partnership agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs amounting to 18 million DKK a year.

IMS joins #KeepItOn campaign to fight internet shutdowns

09 Jun. 2016 | Story

International Media Support joins nearly 70 organisations from five continents in launching the #KeepitOn campaign to fight internet shutdowns worldwide.

Old problems receive new attention in Egypt’s media

22 Apr. 2013 | Story

Sexual harassment is a severe and deep-rooted problem in the Egyptian society, but until recently the issue only received scant attention from the country’s mainstream media

Global effort to promote online Freedom of Expression publishes annual report

19 Apr. 2013 | Story

While the right to freedom of expression online was affirmed by a UN resolution in 2012, the year also saw a wave of troubling government initiatives threatening internet freedom, says the IMS-supported Global Network Initiative in its latest annual report

Telecom groups join effort to advance Freedom of Expression

13 Mar. 2013 | Story

Eight global telecommunication companies will collaborate with the Global Network Initiative (GNI), a group working to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the ICT sector

Heyder Hamzoz and Dina Najemaldeen, members of INSM, Iraq

Iraqi bloggers halt move to restrict Internet freedom

07 Nov. 2012 | Story

The Iraqi Network for Social Media has achieved what few other likeminded networks in the Arab region could hope for: to influence government policy on cybercrime and media freedom

Azerbaijani reporters wearing safety wests

Fundamental freedoms under threat in Azerbaijan

05 Nov. 2012 | Story

Both online and offline freedoms are being curtailed by the authorities, say new reports in run-up to internet conference