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“A programme that has totally changed the way I view my career”

15 Nov. 2016 | Story

Somali women journalists face boundless challenges, from murder and death threats to hurdles in the workplace. Progressing professionally remains difficult. In a new initiative IMS aims to equip participants with the skills and tools to reach higher positions and create lasting change for women working in media.

Historic research in Iraq highlights value of independent media

13 Nov. 2013 | Story

Burdened by more than a decade of violence and conflict, most people in Iraqi Kurdistan long for unbiased and credible media with coverage free from the interests of political parties and sectarian groups. Their want for open-minded and courageous media coverage is one of the main findings in the first-ever market study of Iraqi media

Nadia Al Sakkaf, Chief editor of Yemen Times, receives Business for Peace Award

23 May. 2013 | Story

Nadia Al Sakkaf, editor of Yemen's first independent English language newspaper Yemen Times, has received the Business for Peace Award on 14 May at the Akershus Nobel Prize Fortress in Oslo

Conference on Media Development in Myanmar 2012

14 Aug. 2012 | Publication

This report summarises the presentations and recommendations made at the 2012 Conference on Media Development in Myanmar organised by the Myanmar Ministry of Information and Culture and UNESCO in cooperation with International Media Support (IMS) and Canal France International.

Newspaper salesman on the streets of Yangon

Myanmar’s media tackles evolving business needs

03 Aug. 2012 | Story

As reforms in Myanmar continue, many in the media sector are finding it challenging to adapt to a more open, competitive and globally linked business environment

Yemen flags

International support for Yemen’s struggling media

01 Feb. 2012 | Story

As the working conditions of journalists deteriorate and safety hazards prevail in Yemen, a group of international organisations and local Yemeni journalists meet in Cairo to discuss how to support the country's media

Yemen: Media in turmoil

14 Jan. 2012 | Publication

In light of the recent instability and the unpredictability of the situation in Yemen, International Media Support (IMS) carried out a mission to the coun- try in December 2011. The aim of the mission was to assess the overall situation of Yemeni media and their needs and challenges in the period ahead. This report presents the findings of the IMS media assessment mission to Yemen.

Myanmar: Change is in the air

11 Jan. 2012 | Publication

This report presents the findings of a media environment assessment in Myanmar within the context of the present socio-political and economic developments in the country and its emerging media landscape.

Azerbaijan: Business strategy development for local media

14 Nov. 2011 | Story

Journalism in not all about writing, shooting and editing. It is also a business that requires a strategy. David Brewer, a senior media consultant in Azerbaijan, tells Seymur Kazimov of the IMS-established Media Center about survival strategies for media in tough political environments

Haiti post-earthquake. Photo: newbeatphoto

Haiti’s leading national newspaper rebuilds through online profit

28 Aug. 2011 | Story

Since the earthquake last year, the media landscape in Haiti has changed dramatically. Here, 18 months later, IMS takes a look at the progress of Haiti's biggest national daily newspaper

Chief editor Nadia Al-Sakkaf, Yemen Times. Photo: Lotte Dahlmann/IMS

Independent media in Yemen call for help

30 Mar. 2011 | Story

In the midst of the greatest upheavals in Yemen in 20 years, the country’s independent media is on the verge of bankruptcy, unable to provide Yemenis with much-needed reliable information