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Monitoring Russian media: Putin in the news

15 Mar. 2018 | Story

An IMS-supported team is monitoring Russian media's presidential campaign coverage. Preliminary findings show that President Putin is given the bulk of media attention and almost exclusively portrayed in a positive manner

New programme to build capacity of Zimbabwean media to cover upcoming elections

01 Feb. 2018 | Story

Media’s ability to cover elections in a professional and accurate manner is key to ensuring that the population has access to the information they need to make an informed choice of candidate and parties. In support of free and fair elections, the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) on 1 February launched a media and elections...

Social media ban and professional elections coverage in Somaliland

13 Nov. 2017 | Story

Somaliland’s local media will play a key role in monitoring the electoral process in this Presidential election, in which more than 700,00 people have been registered through iris -based biometric voter registration. Media will also be crucial in helping to avoid inciting hatred and spreading propaganda in a region that is prone to conflict and violence.

Professional election reporting Somaliland

31 Oct. 2017 | Publication

Guidelines for journalists covering the Somaliland elections 2017, prepared by the Somali media development programme managed by International Media Support (IMS) and Fojo Media Institute in consultation with Somaliland stakeholders.

Media preparing for elections in Ghana

01 Dec. 2016 | Story

Ghana’s elections are fast approaching on 7 December and both the police and media are major stakeholders in carrying out a peaceful, transparent, and successful election process

Guidelines for professional election reporting

03 Oct. 2016 | Publication

A journalist must show that he or she is trustworthy and that he or she can be fair and balanced when covering elections. Tips and tricks for covering elections in Somalia. Read the Somali language version here