Renewed Danish support for independent media in the Middle East and North Africa
30 May. 2017

A new grant of 125 million DKK from the Danish government enables International Media Support (IMS) to continue its support for strong and independent journalism in the Middle East and North Africa over the next five years as part of the Danish Arab Partnership Programme

”We are extremely pleased that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs backed by the Danish Parliament continues to focus on free and independent media as a tool to strengthen democratic development in the region,” says Michael Irving Jensen, Head of IMS’ Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Department.

The last couple of years have seen widespread change and mayhem sweep through parts of the MENA region. While several countries have become more authoritarian and unstable, there are also examples of positive change – change created by civil society organisations and independent media.

International Media Support (IMS) has supported press freedom and free and independent journalism in the Middle East and North Africa as a partner in the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) since 2004 and have seen how strong and independent media can lead to positive change. The new grant, the result of securing an EU tender, will enable IMS to continue its work to strengthen good journalism and media environments in four countries in particular (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan) and through regional programmes focusing on investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking, amongst others.

”Independent and trustworthy media is important to counter misinformation and fake news which is used strategically by terrorist groups and authoritarian regimes to maintain power and create instability. There is a need to support professional media in the MENA region, media that inform and give voice to populations and which hold governments to account through critical, investigative, fact-based journalism,” says Michael Irving Jensen, head of IMS MENA Department.

”Free and professional media is key to a democratic and stable development in the region. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our work with partners in the Middle East and North Africa.”

The new phase of the Danish Government’s Danish-Arab Partnership Programme of which IMS is part, is launched at an event in Copenhagen on 1 June (on special invitation only).

Read more here about IMS’ work and impact in the MENA region here.

For more information contact Gerd Kieffer, IMS Communications Officer: , tel. +45 3110 5502.