Unmasking Vulnerability: Understanding Disinformation in Samtskhe-Javakheti

In 2023, IMS launched the Coalition to Outperform Disinformation in the Eastern Partnership (CODE) project which aims to build resilience among audiences vulnerable to disinformation.

CODE also aims enable a more conducive environment for independent journalism in the region by upskilling media partners, building national and regional coalitions and utilising technological solutions.

One of the central components of CODE is the IMS-designed full-circle approach, which looks to build long-term resilience against disinformation among audiences using data-driven, audience-focused and impact-oriented communication to target specific vulnerable groups. In Georgia, the project focus on the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, an area of significant importance due to its historical, ethnic and political dynamics.

The audience segmentation study is based on the analysis of focus group discussions and key informant interviews and the findings are grouped into five thematic areas:

  • The cultivation of anti-western/anti-EU sentiments.
  • Analysis of the perceived risks of conflict with Russia.
  • Exploration of gender-related narratives.
  • Anxieties stemming from perceived conspiracies.
  • Evaluation of the economic advantages linked to affiliating with Russia.