Safeguarding media rights and ending impunity in Nepal

The International Fact-finding and Advocacy Media Mission (IMM) visited Nepal from 23 to 27 February 2012 to assess the media freedom situation in the country at the invitation of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). The International Media Mission to Nepal (hereafter IMM) is an alliance of 14 internation- al organisations including UN agencies, global media associations, freedom of expression advocates, and media development organisations.

The overall objective of the IMM visit in February 2012 was to advocate in- ternational best practices on press freedom, Freedom of Expression (FoE) and Right to Information (RTI) among key policy makers working on the constitution and to assess the capacity and situation of the media. Specifically, the IMM sought to:

  • Assess FoE, RTI, media rights and capacity
  • Recommend revised strategies and agree on activity priorities
  • Dialogue with political parties, national authorities and key groups on key press freedom and FoE
  • Engage the donor community to consider the revised activity priorities.

The IMM of February 2012 took some key decisions that differentiated it from previous missions. The agreement amongst partners was to focus on key challenges and also devise follow-up mechanisms to address the main concerns. This agreement guided the IMM’s interaction with stakeholders.