IMS Book series 2020 - Defending journalism

Prospect for change in The Gambia: Collaborative support to combat impunity

The Gambia sits at a remarkable time in its history – one that holds genuine promise for lasting transformational change, the fundamental reform of key institutions, and a reformation not just of the legal system but of the country’s relationship with rule of law itself.

This International Media Support report informs the development of a comprehensive gender-sensitive and international review of best practices regarding the investigation, assessment and responses to threats to underlying national and international legal framework, including laws and jurisprudence in The Gambia.

It is the culmination of an innovative approach to hold perpetrators of attacks, killings and disappearances of journalists, media workers and human rights defenders to account and accentuates the importance of
robust, collaborative support to combat impunity and protect journalists. The heart of this report recognizes that responding to threats and attacks against journalists means being prepared to scrutinize investigations and the laws that govern them.