Marginalized Religious Communities in Indonesian Media

The space given to news coverage of marginalized religious groups by the media in Indonesia is still very small. Although non-Islamic official religions enjoy some coverage, it is only ceremonial in nature. The lack of news coverage of marginalized religious groups, and a strong victim narrative, relates to marginalized religious groups’ low trust in the media (especially television).

In this publication, IMS and Remotivi examine the Indonesian media landscape through the lens of religious diversity and conflict by mapping two areas of media content production and audience behaviour related to television and online news media. In the research, we analyse the coverage and framing of religious minorities in Indonesia, then assess the media habits, news and media understandings, trust levels and perceptions of the coverage of religious minorities among selected audiences in Indonesia.

IMS and Remotivi hope that the results of the study may serve as inspiration for media, journalists, learning institutions, media development organisations, policy makers and regulators operating in Indonesia.