IMS Global Strategy 2024-2028

There is never a guarantee that quality journalism and independent media will lead to democratic, just and inclusive societies. But there is certainty that they will not be achieved without them.

That is the axiom that guides the IMS Global Strategy for 2024-2028, which addresses multiple challenges at a time when the space for media to operate freely is steadily narrowing across the world.

At its core, the IMS Global Strategy 2024-2028 is based on our more than two decades’ experience of taking a comprehensive approach to supporting locally led media development. It is structured around three strategic outcomes:

Strategic outcome 1: Public interest content and business viability.

Strategic outcome 2: Safety of journalists, content producers and media.

Strategic outcome 3: Policy, laws, regulations and public interest infrastructure.

Under the umbrella of those outcomes, our global strategy sets out our overall priorities as we work to address and promote a range of vital media development issues, from the role of good journalism in outperforming disinformation, investigating climate and environmental crime, and promoting diversity and inclusion to working for a conducive political, legal and financial environment for free media.