IMS annual report 2021: Journalism against the odds

In these times we live in, the world order is being redefined. In simple terms, our defining values of democracy, human rights and peace are confronting darkness, repression and brutality.

In 2021, we saw an unimaginable human tragedy unfold in Afghanistan, a return to dictatorship in Myanmar and, this year, brutal Russian military aggression in Europe. On a wider scale, the notion of liberal democracy itself is at stake as vulnerable democracies are divided by populists and autocrats and a dwindling trust in government, public institutions and media. Trust is essential for peace and democracy. Therefore, any crisis of quality journalism and public interest media is also at the core of the crisis of democracy and the trust deficit we see around the world, including in Western societies. Simply put, good journalism is part of the solution.

It is against this background that we release the IMS 2021 Annual Report, where you can meet some of those who are continuously striving to produce and promote good journalism. They do so against the odds. Our admiration to them – and a thank you to all who stand with us to even the odds.

Now is the time for action. Civil society organisations and governments as well as Big Tech must provide more than rhetorical support for human rights and democratic values. They must act and push for long-term solutions to ensure viable public interest media and infrastructure.

We have gathered examples of how we work closely with partners and stakeholders in the 2021 Annual Report. Our brave and entrepreneurial partners – many in exile – continued to offer trustworthy journalism. Is that sustainable? As a global society, we need to rethink what sustainability means and start investing in media as a public good.

We cannot afford to let the light of information be extinguished.

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