IMS Annual Report 2010

The IMS Annual Report 2010 provides an overview of IMS’ work in media development across five continents and highlights advances in investigative journalism, media law reform and international partnerships.

“Responsiveness, local knowledge and international networking have proven to be fundamental elements in our work to protect the lives of journalists in 2010”, executive director Jesper Højberg writes in the foreword of the IMS Annual Report published 14 June 2011.

The IMS Annual Report 2010 highlights the work IMS has done for media development and freedom of expression in countries of conflict and democratic transition around the world.  2010 was a year of great global significance for journalists, with a series of natural disasters and political upheavals that inevitably affected the media. In countries as diverse as Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and China IMS has devoted on-the-ground teams of experts to address the immediate needs of local media and work with local organisations to develop long-term solutions for media in each country.

The report presents solid evidence that IMS’ strategy of partnerships in countries such as Zimbabwe and Azerbaijan and flexible responsiveness has been working in long-term projects. Some of our hallmark initiatives such as the promotion of investigative journalism in the Arab world and Eastern Europe, election media monitoring in Sudan and web-based media development in Egypt have markedly improved the experience of journalists.