Constraints and opportunities – what role for media development in countering violent extremism

Media developers around the world work with institutions, organisations and individuals to ensure reliable and professional information is available to communities and to spark and encourage responsible debate that is key to good governance.

By extension the fight against both terrorism and countering violent extremism (CVE) stresses the importance of media development, but also increasingly puts this work in the spotlight.

It  is  imperative  that  there  is  consideration  of  the  linkage  of  media  and  media  development and what  role  they  may  play  in  the  prevention  of  radicalisation  and  violent  extremism.  This  work  has already begun and CVE-related activities are now making their way into the field of media. This paper seeks to provide initial guidance on the definition of “Countering Violent Extremism” and what it means for the media development sector, its donors and other organisations that work with media developers.