Conflict Sensitive Journalism: Special edition Kenya

Reacting to the sudden outbreak of violence in Kenya and the mounting pressure on media following the disputed presidential election on 27 December 2007, International Media Support (IMS) together with Article 19 and Reporters Without Borders carried out a mission to Kenya in the early days of January 2008 to assess the needs for support to the Kenyan media community.

One of the findings of this assessment mission was the imminent need for promoting the concept of conflict sensitive journalism among Kenyan journalists – most of them reporting for the first time in their life a conflict of the magnitude that was witnessed in Kenya in the weeks after the election.

This handbook in conflict sensitive journalism – special edition Kenya – is part of IMS’ response to the needs expressed during this first and following assessment missions to Kenya.

The Special Edition builds upon the important work of Ross Howard and his handbook in conflict sensitive journalism, first published by IMS in 2003. The initial handbook was produced in partnership between IMS and IMPACS, as well as the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Colombo and the Nepal Press Institute in Katmandu. In addition, the in-country research and workshops conducted by Ross Howard have been instrumental in developing and refining the concepts and tools outlined in this publication.