Assessment Mission on IMS Engagement in Sri Lanka in Support of the Ceasefire Process
17 Jun. 2002

The mission to Sri Lanka was undertaken between 4 April and 10 April 2002, less than two months after the signing of a ceasefire in the 19 year old conflict in Sri Lanka. Through consultations with media professionals and institutions, as well as the international community in Colombo, the objective of the mission was to assess the different possibilities for an IMS intervention in support of the media in the context of the ceasefire.

The expected outcome of the mission was an assessment of the overall media situation in Sri Lanka and identification of the different possible constructive avenues for IMS contributions. In doing this, an IMS draft proposal, entitled ‘Promoting Conflict Conscious Coverage of the Ceasefire in Sri Lanka’ was also to be assessed and, if applicable, a strategy including concrete proposals for rapid implementation was to be formulated. In addition, possible national partner organisations were to be contacted.

To achieve these goals, key institutions and individuals were consulted on the possibilities of an IMS intervention1. IMS would like to express its thanks to those institutions and individuals who participated in consultations in Colombo during the mission (as shown in ‘List of Meetings’). Particular thanks are also extended for the assistance provide by the UNESCO Information & Communication Unit in New Delhi in facilitating the IMS mission.

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