Afghanistan peace process

A Roadmap to Protect Press Freedom during the Afghan Reconciliation Process

This paper is written for the purpose of creating a roadmap to support press freedom and freedom of expression in the Afghan reconciliation process. Afghan Journalist Safety Committee (AJSC) prepared the document in collaboration with Afghan media representatives. The sole purpose of the roadmap is to protect and preserve press freedom and freedom of expression as fundamental principles and values in Afghanistan and as two of the most significant achievements of the past two decades.

Najib Sharifi, the director of the AJSC says the following:

“The Afghan media community decided to create a roadmap because we see serious threats against freedom of press and expression during the peace process. The roadmap recommends that all stakeholders, who believe in press freedom and its value for Afghanistan’s journey towards, peace, progress and democracy come together so they create the needed force to protect these values. AJSC will be playing a significant role towards creation of this coalition and monitoring the peace process vis-a-vis press freedom.”