Public interest infrastructure

Making tech and journalism work for democracy, from Myanmar to Ukraine

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From Ukraine to Myanmar, journalists and civil society are countering existential challenges in the digital space with innovative solutions. How do different stakeholders, from tech companies and democratic governments to independent journalists and digital citizens, ensure that our digital infrastructures serve marginalised communities, local journalism and democracy? This online event marks the launch of IMS’ new report, Public interest infrastructure: digital alternatives in our data-driven world and journalism’s in role getting there. The report includes two in-depth case studies from Myanmar and is the result of a pilot grant under the Danish Tech for Democracy initiative.

Download the report on this page.

The event is part of the Partners for Democracy Day, leading up to the Biden Summit for Democracy 2023.

Opening remarks:

Jesper Højberg, Executive Director, IMS (Denmark)

Anders Lønstrup Graugaard, (he/him) Chargé d’Affaires e.p. of the Embassy of Denmark in Myanmar


Yevhen Fedchenko (he/him), Co-founder/Chief Editor, (Ukraine)

A representative of Myanmar Data Citizens, who produced a chapter in the new IMS report (Myanmar)

Ginny Badanes (she/her), Senior Director, Microsoft Democracy Forward Initiative (US)


Magnus Ag (he/him), Public Interest Tech Adviser, IMS, editor and co-author of the report (Denmark)

Nynne Storm Refsing (she/her), Public Interest Tech and Strategy Specialist, IMS, editor and co-author of the report (Denmark)