Profiles of female experts from Somalia now on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online user-generated encyclopedia. But there is great imbalance on Wikipedia, like in society at large. Ninety per cent of those who add content are men and there are more than four times as many articles about men as about women. We want to help change this.

On Women’s Day, 8 March, the work began by IMS-Fojo and a party of Somali female experts gathered in Mogadishu to add their profiles to the low number of Somali female profiles accessible on Wikipedia compared to men. Now we’re looking to improve and expand the number of female Somali profiles on Wikipedia even more to ensure that their achievements are visible and their knowledge can be made available, should researchers, journalists or other groups be in search of Somali female sources to comment on various issues of relevance.

Please suggest who you think should be profiled on Wikipedia? Which remarkable women would you like us to know more about? Please send your suggestions to