Stop the bombing of free media in Palestine

On 17 May, Israeli planes bombed the office building of NAWA, an online feminist platform run by long-time IMS partner Filastiniyat. Not only was the office destroyed, a father and his daughter were killed in the attack.

“Journalists and media workers are under attack. This must stop immediately. I cannot describe the pressure on those continuing to cover the violence we see happening these days. Our thoughts go out to all IMS partners and other independent media in Palestine. During a crisis such as this, professional media outlets are of great importance in documenting the atrocities committed,” says Andreas Reventlow, Deputy Director at IMS (International Media Support).

Over the last few days, Israel has targeted media outlets in Gaza, violating international law. On Saturday, the office building of Al-Jazeera and Associated Press was destroyed by Israeli bombs.

“Israel’s attack on Palestine and its population is also a war on the right to free expression and access to information. It is difficult to see the bombing as anything else but a deliberate attack on free media and on those who document what is happening, providing trustworthy information to the population and international community,” says Andreas Reventlow, condemning the aggression by Israeli forces on Palestine.

IMS partner Filastiniyat is a proactive, non-governmental and not-for-profit media advocacy organisation committed to ensuring and supporting the equitable participation of Palestinian women and youth at all levels of the public sphere and all forums of public discourse. NAWA was launched in 2012 by Filastiniyat as an online platform that aims to support freelance women journalists in their work, as well as to provide a model for women’s journalistic writings and highlight women’s perspectives, focusing not only on women’s issues and stories but creating a space for all marginalised voices.

The Gaza offices of NAWA have functioned as a combined news agency and training facility, where young reporters have received in-depth feedback and editorial coaching to improve their skills while also giving them exposure and empowering them financially.