Lviv Media Forum

The IX LMF brings together media professionals from all over the world. The event has been organised for nine years by the Ukrainian NGO “Lviv Media Forum.”

This year, the Lviv Media Forum event will take place on May 25-27.
The focus theme: “After or Before War. How Can Civilization Defeat Chaos?”

One of the Lviv Media Forum’s goals is to advocate for Ukraine in international professional circles. That’s why organisers sought to balance the line-up of speakers, including not only those who unquestionably support Ukraine’s cause, but also moderate sceptics.

In addition, the panels of LMF 2023 provide an opportunity for Ukrainian civil society to zoom out and better understand the logic of decision-makers and experts from European countries and the US and to come closer to understanding how best to find common ground.

“The questions of reconstruction and finding answers to what it should be like, who should participate, and how to build public dialogue around it, will also be important,” said Olga Myrovych, Head of Lviv Media Forum NGO, an IMS partner.

Due to the challenges and restrictions from the current military situation, the IX LMF will be held in a shelter that unfortunately cannot accommodate all participants in person. However, the Lviv Media Forum team is making every effort to ensure that as many media professionals as possible can join the event online. Ideas and solutions developed during discussions, lectures, and debates will be made publicly accessible.

Check out the full program of the IX LMF events here:

You can watch the live stream of the event here: 

The broadcasts will be conducted in two languages — Ukrainian and English. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask speakers questions in real time via comments.