Hundreds of Afghan media workers are under threat: Support Afghanistan’s journalists

If we act now, we can save the lives of Afghan journalists, who are now in imminent danger. IMS’ close partner AJSC (Afghan Journalists Safety Committee) needs funds to bring journalists to safety and keep independent media outlets operational

For years, they have been the ones bringing information to the public, fighting corruption and creating a space for free speech. Now, their lives are being threatened: Afghanistan journalist are fleeing for their lives as the Taliban gains ground.  

“We need to get as many journalists to safety as possible. The task is not to be underestimated as we have to move people away from Taliban-controlled areas. Journalists are among the people who are at the biggest risk, not only themselves but also their families,” say Susanna Inkinen, IMS Programme Manager for Afghanistan.  

IMS and AJSC (Afghan Journalists Safety Committee) have worked to keep media workers safe for many years. But the situation right now is extremely serious. Therefore, IMS and AJSC are calling for help:  

“Many hundreds of Afghan journalists are in dire need of protection. We are working around the clock to protect as many as we can. All the support we can get is highly appreciated,” says Najib Sharifi, AJSC director.  

You can donate here.

Your support goes to:  

  • Shelters and safehouses 
  • Food, clothes, blankets and other utilities for journalists and their families  
  • Ongoing support to ensure independent media outlets may continue publishing 

“We have two aims. One is to save lives by offering safehouses to the men and women journalists who are on the run from the Taliban. Right now, this work often means quickly moving people as towns are taken. Besides the journalists, we also help their families, who are being threatened as a way to get to the journalists. Secondly, we are looking into how we can keep as many independent Afghan media outlets as possible operating, in- or outside of Afghanistan,” Susanna Inkinen says.

Even though journalists might try to keep their media outlets operating, the fact is that safety is now such a big issue is a threat to them, in addition to losing all income from local advertisers and community supporters. With support, IMS aims to help them broadcast – possibly remotely – and thus continue to reach people in areas now under Taliban control who will most need credible information. 

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