Belarusian authorities attack on remaining domestic independent media

On 24 May, Belarusian authorities passed legislative amendments that will further restrict free press in Belarus and limit people’s access to information.

Among the restrictions brought in, the amendments:

  • Prohibit live coverage in the media of mass events, including online streaming if such events are organised in violation of the law.
  • Place restrictions on journalists which could mirror those of mass events participants; thus allowing for the potential arbitrary arrest of journalists.
  • Expand grounds upon which authorities can refuse registration of media outlets and allows authorities, in addition to the court, to suspend a media outlet without warning if it is deemed to be a national security threat.
  • Ban the publishing of public opinion polls and hyperlinks to them on socio-political issues without proper accreditation.
  • Gives the Operations and Analyses Centre the power to limit or block internet access for any reason they see fit.
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Download the full fact sheet co-signed by Human Rights House Foundation, Article 19, Index on Censorship, Reporters Without Borders and IMS below.