Breaking taboos – one story at a time

Bringing to light the experiences and perspectives of women is important. That is why the Moroccan online outlet Jawjab a few years back created the channel Marokkiat (“the Moroccan Road”) to give young women a platform to voice their opinions and issues.

In short two-three minute videos, courageous women share personal accounts on sexuality, marriage, religion, women’s rights, harassment, sexual violence and more – topics that are not usually discussed in public in the country. 

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I wondered whether I am ready to do this – to come out without hiding my face and show people who I really am – knowing in advance the risks and the bad consequences it could have in Morocco. But at the end I said to myself: ‘Sooner rather than later, someone has to do it’. And maybe among those who are watching [this] project, there is a girl like me who doesn’t know what to do. So I hope, among these, some will be inspired to be more confident in their life and with their identity.

Rihab, talking about living as a bisexual person in Morocco

Navigating a changing world: media’s gendered prism

Navigating a changing world: media’s gendered prism

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