IMS in new international media development partnership

IMS along with a number of other press freedom organisations under the primary lead of BBC Media Action will embark on a new, joint four year media development partnership ventur. UK Minister for International Development, Harriet Baldwin, made the announcement, of £12m over four years for work in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone at a Global Conference for Media Freedom in London 9-10 July.

‘Protecting Independent Media for Effective Development’ (PRIMED) will be led by BBC Media Action in partnership with IMS, Article 19, DW Akademie, Free Press Unlimited, Global Fund for Media Development, Global Voices, Media Development Investment Fund, The Communication Initiative and Wits University.

The aim of the PRIMED consortium is to strengthen independent media to produce trusted public-interest journalism and provide avenues for constructive public debate.

As public-interest media around the world face increasing economic and political pressures, a major component of the project is a flagship learning initiative that will generate evidence about what works in strengthening media viability and sustainability.