IMS Annual Report 2015-2016: Sustaining independent media in times of conflict
28 Jun. 2016

Photo: NurPhoto/Getty Images

People living in or fleeing conflict need access to reliable, relevant information to rebuild their broken societies or to influence future developments

We are pleased to share International Media Support’s Annual Report 2015-2016 which presents the results of our support to independent media and access to information in countries affected by armed conflict, authoritarian regimes and political transition.

Read the report online here or download the full pdf.

Particularly in the Middle East, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq and the massive displacement of people had a major impact on the media, shifting audiences and journalists to surrounding countries. In Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, working as a journalist became increasingly dangerous. Nurturing, building and sustaining locally anchored safety mechanisms for journalists – ­modelled in part by the IMS-founded, countrywide safety mechan­ism run by the ­Afghan Journalists’ Safety Committee – will therefore ­continue to be our way forward.

The promise of democratically elected governments in Sri Lanka and Myanmar represent two of the most hopeful examples from a media freedom perspective. In two of Africa’s poorest countries, Somalia and Niger, we are working with local partners to enable the media to become drivers of peace, reconciliation, accountability and citizen participation in the nascent democratic processes taking place. In Azerbaijan, the release of a number of high-profile freedom of expression activists following sustained advocacy efforts, was a highlight in a region where the immediate prospects for improved press freedom remain grim.

This year’s report also includes a special chapter on women in media, as well as the impressive results of IMS-supported investigative journalist networks in some of the world’s most difficult environments for journalists.

For more information or to receive a hard copy of the report, contact Helle Wahlberg,