two women journalists from the Somali outlet Bilan
Somali Chief Editor Fathi Mohamed Ahmed (left) and reporter Kiin Hasan Fakat, who both work as journalists with Somalias first-ever, all-women news outlet, called Bilan. (Photo by Scott Peterson/Getty Images)

Gender equality in media development

Working for equal rights and equal representation of all genders in media production and content is a cornerstone in IMS' work. Our vision is that everyone, irrespective of a person’s gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, ability or socio-economic status, can enjoy the right to freedom of expression and participate in the public debate.

Societies are not peaceful and democratic without gender equality, and public interest media cannot contribute to a vibrant and inclusive civic space if they perpetuate or reinforce gender inequalities. For this reason, IMS advocates for public interest content and media that address the needs and interests of all genders.

IMS works to promote ethical and diverse public interest content that is gender sensitive and transformative to ensure that all individuals, regardless of gender or whether or not they belong to a marginalised group, have access to information that is relevant to and representative of them. We also adopt a broad understanding of gender issues, as the patriarchy and harmful gender stereotypes and norms, which the media can be responsible for enforcing, affect people of all genders.

Navigating a changing world: media’s gendered prism

This online publication is a celebration of intersectional feminist journalism. Here you will find those rare pieces outside of mainstream media full of the wit, sharpness, critique and passion that characterise the stories IMS’ partners in the Global South tell to denounce and resist patriarchal society.