Selection criteria

IMS supports individual filmmakers and independent production companies. Our selection criteria include the following:

The film project shall:

  • Demonstrate to cover topics of public interest in a professional and ethical way.
  • Have a draft plan to reach intended audiences and be a call for action.
  • Seek to have an impact on the public debate leading to potential social, political or cultural change.
  • Priority is given to productions focusing on issues of gender equality, climate change, social justice, marginalised groups and minorities, diversity and human rights.
  • Be produced or co-produced by filmmakers from a country where IMS is operating.
  • Full-length production formats are not necessarily an asset. Shorter formats are encouraged.

The applicant is:

  • An individual filmmaker that can demonstrate experience with documentary filmmaking.
  • An independent production company whose main objective and activity is audio-visual production and that does not have majority control by a television/online distributor, either in shareholding or commercial terms. The company must be legally constituted at least one year prior to the submission date.
  • A co-production in which the applicant demonstrates a well-balanced co-production deal between all parties involved in the production. This entails full transparency in the deal structure of the contract between film director, producer and co-producer.
  • Owner of the majority of the rights related to the project. No later than the date of submission, the applicant must show that it holds the majority of the rights relating to the project for which support is being sought. This must include at least a project document or dossier.