Safety in journalism

We help journalists protect themselves and report professionally under pressure

In the last 10 years, over 500 journalists and media workers have been killed worldwide for reporting the news – many local journalists targeted often in direct reprisal for their reporting. Journalists reporting on local conflicts, corruption and other illegal activities also face threats of abduction, hostage taking, harassment, illegal arrest and detention.

What we do

IMS’ Safety and Protection Mechanism combines specialist training with practical safety measures and advocacy, and is implemented together with local journalists, professional associations and NGOs, as well as other international media development organisations. Learn more about our approach to working with the safety of journalists.

Training Practical measures Advocacy
Journalism ethics 24/7 telephone hotlines for journalists Monitoring attacks on media
Local and international media laws and code of conduct Safe houses Dialogue between military and media
Conflict sensitive journalism Safety fund for emergency assistance to journalists and their families Media law reform
Learning to make a risk analysis of the media working environment and basic first aid skills Safety equipment Campaigns promoting journalists’ safety
Social media (i.e. the use of security alerts via sms) and digital journalism Legal advice Coordinated international support to safety and protection measures
Photo journalism and film Trauma counselling Guides and handbooks on the safety of journalists
  Secure communications and ICT security  

What we do

Safety in journalism

We help journalists protect themselves and report professionally under pressure

Advocating media rights

We help bring attention to press freedom violations and advocate for change

Media law reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks

Professional associations and media centres

We support media and journalists’ associations, unions, and press councils

Media business development

We help media develop sustainable business plans and compete on the market

New media and technology

We work to safeguard the principles of independent and pluralistic media and Freedom of Expression online

Professionalising journalism

We work to improve the content and quality of media products