Conflict sensitive journalism

We work to enable journalists to report on conflict without feeding its flames

Conflict Sensitive Journalism is a part of the safety and protection training mechanism that IMS offers to journalists working in conflict zones.

In countries affected by conflict and human insecurity media has an important role to play as an active promoter of human rights and democratisation, peace, dialogue and conflict resolution through the gathering of non-partisan information.

Journalism sensitive to conflict empowers reporters to report conflicts professionally without feeding the flames. To report reliable and unbiased information to the public in a time of violent conflict requires additional journalism skills and a deeper understanding of what causes conflict, how it develops and ends. Reporters must know where to look for solutions and crucially, they must be aware of media’s role and the responsibility that follows with this in times of conflict.

IMS’ Handbook for Conflict Sensitive Journalism produced in collaboration with Ross Howard (2003) continues to be an important resource in the training of journalists all over the world. Country-specific copies of the handbook are also available for Zimbabwe (2009), Rwanda (2008) and Kenya (2007).

What we do

Safety in journalism

We help journalists protect themselves and report professionally under pressure

Advocating media rights

We help bring attention to press freedom violations and advocate for change

Media law reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks

Professional associations and media centres

We support media and journalists’ associations, unions, and press councils

Media business development

We help media develop sustainable business plans and compete on the market

New media and technology

We work to safeguard the principles of independent and pluralistic media and Freedom of Expression online

Professionalising journalism

We work to improve the content and quality of media products