New media and technology

We work to safeguard independent and pluralistic media and free expression online

IMS works to safeguard the principles of independent and pluralistic media and Freedom of Expression online. We also facilitate the use of new media and technology for dissemination of quality content as well as humanitarian information in conflicts and crises.

The advance of new media and technology is fundamentally changing the way the media works and how information is obtained and produced. As technology availability increases, so does the access to and production of content, letting ordinary citizens provide alternative discourses and driving media outlets to expand onto a variety of platforms to increase their outreach.

The proliferation of new media platforms and their convergence with existing ones also provide challenges to legal and regulatory frameworks when technological developments are used by authorities and other power holders to restrain online freedom of expression, by blocking or shutting down websites, filtering content and threatening bloggers and online reporters.

What we do

  • We provide expert advice, services and resources to local partners in order to increase audiences, avoid censorship, and improve sustainability
  • We provide support and training on key areas, including secure communications
  • We enhance the ability of media and press freedom advocates to collaborate in pursuit of press freedom and democratic changes
  • We seek to influence legal frameworks and Internet regulation in favour of Freedom of Expression principles
  • We provide support to the use of new technological solutions to alleviate the effects of humanitarian crises

What we do

Safety in journalism

We help journalists protect themselves and report professionally under pressure

Advocating media rights

We help bring attention to press freedom violations and advocate for change

Media law reform

We work for transparent and accountable media policy and regulatory frameworks

Professional associations and media centres

We support media and journalists’ associations, unions, and press councils

Media business development

We help media develop sustainable business plans and compete on the market

New media and technology

We work to safeguard the principles of independent and pluralistic media and Freedom of Expression online

Professionalising journalism

We work to improve the content and quality of media products