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Q&A on Women in Myanmar media

08 Mar. 2017 | Story

Women working in media in Myanmar are challenged by prejudices and patriarchy. Three stakeholders from the media industry on how to improve the gender balance and increase gender sensitivity in the media industry.

Somali media in need of female journalists

02 Feb. 2017 | Story

A group of 12 women from Somalia have just completed the leadership programme ‘Women in News’. Behind them is a series of trainings and discussions aiming at empowering their professional journalistic skills and sharpen their leadership competencies. Ahead of them is the exciting task of finding their own individual ways to incorporate all the newfound knowledge into their media careers.

Peace in Syria and then what?

23 Nov. 2016 | Story

In the autumn of 2016 IMS organised an exchange between five Syrian media partners and Bosnian journalists and experts. A key issue on the agenda was how the media can and should report in order to help the process of peace and reconciliation following an end to war.

“A programme that has totally changed the way I view my career”

15 Nov. 2016 | Story

Somali women journalists face boundless challenges, from murder and death threats to hurdles in the workplace. Progressing professionally remains difficult. In a new initiative IMS aims to equip participants with the skills and tools to reach higher positions and create lasting change for women working in media.

Inclusive, independent media a priority on Myanmar’s developing media scene

07 Nov. 2016 | Story

In Myanmar, media outlets carry much of the responsibility for keeping alive the gender stereotypes and general gender inequality that pervades Myanmar society.

Arab women through the lens – it’s personal

06 Oct. 2016 | Story

Five film makers got a chance to pitch their documentary for post-production support at the sixth Arab Film Festival in Malmö. IMS and key influencers in the film industry provided jury feedback.

Radio Ergo: Amplifying Somali Women’s Voices

07 Sep. 2016 | Story

Radio Ergo, the IMS-run Somali humanitarian radio broadcasting across Somalia is starting to see the results of its new gender policy which includes efforts to raise gender sensitivity among its Somali producers and local correspondents.