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Innovative Tunisian media holds authorities to account

04 Dec. 2017 | Story

The Tunisian NGO Al Khatt and its online media Inkyfada are showing the way for press freedom and independent, investigative reporting in a country that still struggles to uphold the gains post-Ben Ali.

When fake news and fake everything takes over

01 Dec. 2017 | Story

“While journalists in many parts of the world are investigating massive push backs, there is little echo of that here in the Arab world,” writes the director of the Amman-based Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism.

The world needs investigative reporting

30 Nov. 2017 | Story

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg is over. IMS' programme manager Henrik Keith Hansen shares his reflections from the world’s biggest conference on investigative reporting,

Investigative journalism grows in Arab world despite the odds

29 Nov. 2017 | Story

Amman, Nov. 28 – The 10th Annual Forum for Arab investigative reporters opening at Jordan’s Dead Sea on Friday, 1 December has attracted more than 400 participants from the region and beyond. IMS to launch a new initiative at the conference in support of hard-pressed Yemini journalists.

Johnston to Keynote ARIJ’s 10th Arab Investigative Journalism Forum

10 Oct. 2017 | Story

First keynote speaker announced for the upcoming Annual Forum for Arab Investigative Journalism in Jordan: David Cay Johnston, award-winning journalist and author of “The Making of Donald Trump”, will be the keynote speaker at

Blog: Azerbaijan #Laundromat: Time to hold Azerbaijan accountable

07 Sep. 2017 | Story

Azerbaijani authorities have been quick to respond to the #Laundromat investigation - but not by launching an investigation into the money-laundering allegations. Instead authorities have blocked #Laundromat websites.

The Economic Map of Ghouta: Tunnels and ‘the Prince of Cheese’

24 Jul. 2017 | Story

Investigative story from Syrian Independent Media Group: The tunnels between Eastern Ghouta, held by the Syrian opposition, and remaining opposition-held areas in Damascus are a big business opportunity for those who control the movement of goods

IMS at The Bornholm People’s Political Festival

09 Jun. 2017 | Story

The People’s Political Festival is a unique meeting of citizens, politicians, private sector and civil society set on the island of Bornholm from 15 – 18 June. IMS will be there leading on a number of explosive debates.

IPI & IMS name 2017 media award winners

25 Apr. 2017 | Story

IPI Awards: Ethiopia’s Eskinder Nega is this year's Press Freedom Hero and Afghan Journalists Safety Committee named as the 2017 Free Media Pioneer in recognition of the group’s courageous and trailblazing work to prevent, combat and monitor attacks on journalists in one of the world’s most dangerous media environments.

Fake News vs. Good Journalism: Meet the panelists

28 Mar. 2017 | Story

Get a little closer to the panelists ahead of IMS’ debate seminar on Fake News vs. Good Journalism on Wednesday 5 April. We've gathered some of their research and reflections and hope it will inspire you to either join the debate - or watch the live broadcast on IMS' Facebook account.

Despite growing repression, investigative journalism survives in the Arab world

30 Nov. 2016 | Story

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) celebrates its first 10 years. Executive director Rana Sabbath reflects on challenges importance and relevance

9th Arab investigative journalism forum in Jordan 1-3 December

03 Nov. 2016 | Story

Pulitzer-prize winning Boston Globe journalist Walter Robinson and many others to guest the 9th Arab Investigative Journalism forum in Jordan in December hosted by the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism network

Stories of Impact: Groundbreaking journalism from the Arab world

09 Sep. 2016 | Story

Stories of tax evasion and power abuse uncovered through the Panama Papers in Spring 2016 has left few in doubt about the value of investigative journalism as a tool to hold those in power to account.

Tajik journalists confront Syria war recruitment

15 Jul. 2015 | Story

Recruitment of young people to join the conflict in Syria continues to grow. In Tajikistan, a group of journalism students took on the problem