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The battle for freedom of expression online: Where are the journalists?

12 Dec. 2017 | Story

As threats to freedom of expression online continue to grow, journalists need to get more involved in shaping the digital future of our global media ecosystem

Daraj: A new step for Arab media

06 Nov. 2017 | Story

“In the Arabic media, the story is either funded by Iran or Saudi Arabia, it is either Sunni or Shia, it is either Assad or Isis – it is never the impartial, objective reported story,” says Alia Ibrahim, co-founder of Daraj, a new pan-Arab new site.

Impact in a visual wrapping

26 Oct. 2017 | Story

From three continents, Visualizing Impact is filling the world with powerful visuals making heavy material accessible. The mission is to generate change.

2nd Myanmar Media Development Conference 2013

21 Aug. 2013 | Publication

The 2nd Conference on Media Development in Myanmar took place from May 20-21 2013 in Yangon. With over 300 participants, the conference marked another significant milestone in Myanmar’s media reform process. This report is a summary of the presentations held at the conference.

Conference takes stock of media in Myanmar

17 May. 2013 | Story

Following a year marked by significant milestones in the media sector, Myanmar media, government, civil society and international media support organisations are set to convene again for the 2nd Conference on Media Development in Myanmar on 20 – 21 May in Yangon

Photo: IRFS

The individual cost of freedom of expression in Azerbaijan

21 Mar. 2013 | Story

The International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (IPGA), along with local NGOs Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, Human Rights Club and Media Rights Institute condemn the persecution of nine journalists, protesters and human rights defenders for exercising their right to freedom of expression and information in Azerbaijan in recent weeks

Journalist safety takes centre stage in Pakistan

12 Mar. 2013 | Story

Killed or coerced into silence. In some areas of Pakistan there is little to no independent journalism. A two-day conference in Islamabad launched new ways of combating the country’s growing journalist safety problem

Pakistan conference to promote safety of journalists

05 Mar. 2013 | Story

In the last 10 years, between 500 and 1000 media workers have been killed worldwide. As one of the most hazardous places in the world for journalists, Pakistan accounts for 90 of these cases. An international conference this week in Islamabad sets out to address the problem in a concerted manner

UN meeting to address safety of journalists

22 Nov. 2012 | Story

In the first nine months of 2012, 95 journalists, and bloggers were killed, a dramatic increase compared to previous years. The 2nd UN Meeting on the Safety of Journalists and Impunity will be held in Vienna from 22- 23 Nov. as part of international efforts to stem this violence

Map of Iraq

The road to international cooperation in Iraq

02 Oct. 2012 | Story

Since 2003 media support organisations across the world have been pooling their efforts to improve cooperation and coordination between international, national and local media support organisations. This is not always an easy process. Read about the Iraqi experience here

Conference on Media Development in Myanmar 2012

14 Aug. 2012 | Publication

This report summarises the presentations and recommendations made at the 2012 Conference on Media Development in Myanmar organised by the Myanmar Ministry of Information and Culture and UNESCO in cooperation with International Media Support (IMS) and Canal France International.

Photos on the walls of newspaper Hawlati, Iraqi Kurdistan

Media support organisations come together in Iraq

10 Apr. 2012 | Story

From 10-11 April more than twenty representatives from international and Iraqi media support organisations are meeting in Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan to discuss how to improve their future efforts through better coordination

Southeast Asia: Regional media support gains foothold

02 Mar. 2012 | Story

From 1-2 March more than 40 international and local media support organisations met in Bangkok to discuss how to improve their efforts through collaboration

A coordinated approach to media support in Southeast Asia

29 Feb. 2012 | Story

How should media in Southeast Asia be strengthened? More than 40 international and local media support organisations are meeting in Bangkok to discuss

Hungarian Media Law: International Mission Condemns Chilling Effect and Calls for Change

21 Nov. 2011 | Story

Hungary's new model of media regulation is creating a chilling effect and undermining freedom of expression, according to an international partnership mission comprised of leading press freedom and media development organisations