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Afghan media cover parliamentary elections despite extensive threats

18 Oct. 2018 | Story

Despite pervasive threats from terrorist organisations, Afghan media are passionately covering the country’s second Parliamentary elections scheduled to take place 20 October 2018.

Russia: How to Steal an Election with Disinformation and Propaganda

07 May. 2018 | Story

In the lead-up to Russia’s 2018 presidential elections, an IMS-supported team monitored Russian media’s election reporting showing an imbalanced coverage in favour of President Putin’s government.

Strengthening media and police relations for the safety of journalists and free and fair elections in West Africa

30 Apr. 2018 | Publication

This report is a joint initiative between IMS and Media Foundation West Africa in cooperation with ECOWAS. The relationship between the media and security agencies, including those in the law enforcement and intelligence services, has always been a delicate one. In the West African context, this relationship is often characterized by frequent clashes, arising from...

New guidelines prepare Zimbabwean media for up-coming elections

11 Apr. 2018 | Story

In Zimbabwe, International Media Support and its partners are gearing up to support the local media in reporting on the general elections later this year.

The Professional Election Reporter

04 Apr. 2018 | Publication

Written prior to the 2018 elections in Zimbabwe, the purpose of this guideline is to work as a journalistic tool for Zimbabwean journalists to help them acknowledge their role and responsibilities during their coverage of elections and make professional decisions based upon the internationally accepted principles for good and ethical journalism.

Citizen Journalism Guideline on Electoral Reporting in Zimbabwe

28 Mar. 2018 | Publication

The purpose of this guideline is to familiarise citizen journalists with the core issues of election reporting including ethics, safety and security, fake news, hate speech and the broader issues around the electoral system in Zimbabwe. It also has a focus on gender and the media and will be handy for citizen journalists interested in live-streaming and mobile reporting in an African context.

Putin’s media dream team

23 Mar. 2018 | Story

Comment piece by Gulnara Akhundova, International Media Support, and Gry Waagner Falkenstrøm, Danish Institute for International Studies, on the monitoring of Russian media's coverage of the 2018 presidential elections.

Professional election reporting Somaliland (Somali version)

31 Oct. 2017 | Publication

Guidelines for journalists covering the Somaliland elections 2017, prepared by the Somali media development programme managed by International Media Support (IMS) and Fojo Media Institute in consultation with Somaliland stakeholders. Somali version

Habka wanaagsan ee tebinta doorashada

03 Oct. 2016 | Publication

A journalist must show that he or she is trustworthy and that he or she can be fair and balanced when covering elections. Read the English language version here

Guidelines for professional election reporting

03 Oct. 2016 | Publication

A journalist must show that he or she is trustworthy and that he or she can be fair and balanced when covering elections. Tips and tricks for covering elections in Somalia. Read the Somali language version here

Elections in Somalia bring new challenges for media workers

29 Sep. 2016 | Story

Journalists in Somalia are in full swing producing election-related news as the country prepares to vote for new leaders. However, covering elections also brings about a set of new challenges for Somalia’s media workers.

Election Guide Book for Myanmar Journalists

29 Jun. 2015 | Publication

Myanmar Press Council (Interim) has implemented ‘the Programme on the Developing Election Guide Book for Myanmar Journalists’ in close collaboration with the International Media Support (IMS). Myanmar Press Council (Interim) has initiated a series of consultative workshops with journalists nationwide, in order to properly consult with them before finalising the National Consensus Document of the...

“Vote yes” campaign in Egypt for a revised constitution dominates media coverage

14 Jan. 2014 | Story

Egyptians are voting this week in a referendum on a fresh constitution prior to the planned Presidential elections in spring 2014. But the government’s “Vote Yes” campaign is being reported as having overwhelmingly won the battle for media coverage according to the independent media Mada Masr, while the voices of those arguing against the constitution are notably lacking

Kenya elections: “No story is worth a life”

02 Mar. 2013 | Story

With general elections scheduled for 4 March, Kenya sees fears of a repeat of violence following the country’s 2007 election. With increased focus on safety and conflict mitigation, the Kenyan media is preparing for safe and responsible coverage

Egyptian and Danish media establish close ties in a time of emerging democracy

30 Nov. 2011 | Story

As Egyptian voters exited the voting booths fingers covered in blue ink, Danish radio covered the election live from Cairo as part of IMS' efforts to establish professional ties between Danish and Arab media