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New report: “Azerbaijan at the OSCE: Ignoring the Human Dimension”

25 Sep. 2013 | Story

"The OSCE lacks a specific enforcement mechanism to ensure that participating States fulfill their human rights obligations," according to a new report launched today by the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety (IRFS) and IMS, that examines Azerbaijan's relationship with the organisation

“Azerbaijan and the EU: A Policy Dilemma”

24 Sep. 2013 | Story

A new report by the Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety (IRFS) calls for a tougher and more nuanced approach by the EU to Azerbaijan to address the country's deteriorating human rights record

Moroccan editor detained for linking to al Qaeda video

19 Sep. 2013 | Story

Moroccan police have arrested the editor of the website Lakome after he posted a link to a video from the North African al Qaeda branch

Journalist unions in Myanmar in joint campaign for press freedom

03 Sep. 2013 | Story

For the first time, Myanmar Journalists Network (MJN), Myanmar Journalists Union (MJU) and Myanmar Journalists Association (MJA), join forces in a campaign for new media laws that support press freedom

Syrian freedom of expression defenders to stand trial on terrorism charge

20 Aug. 2013 | Story

Mazen Darwish, a prominent Syrian human rights defender and four of his colleagues from the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) will stand trial on Wednesday accused of promoting terrorism

Mali’s media sees steady recovery

14 Aug. 2013 | Story

After more than a year of unrest, the safety of journalists and conditions for freedom of expression are improving, says a new report supported by IMS

Azerbaijan ‘clamping down on free speech’ as election nears

06 Aug. 2013 | Story

A crackdown on freedom of expression in Azerbaijan is ‘escalating dramatically’ in the run-up to the country’s October’s presidential election, finds a new report

Morsi ousting puts renewed pressure on Egypt’s media

04 Jul. 2013 | Story

The closure of three TV channels is cause for ‘grave concern’ when it comes to the media’s role in Egypt’s crucial process

Syrian Mazen Darwish receives human rights award in prison

18 Jun. 2013 | Story

Mazen Darwish, a prominent Syrian human rights defender and Director of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM) has received the Bruno Kreisky award for services to Human rights in 2013, a year after he was arrested and imprisoned in Damascus, Syria for his activities as a human rights defender Previous recipients...

Concerns over Tunisia draft constitution

12 Jun. 2013 | Story

A coalition of freedom of expression defenders voices concern over Tunisia constitution

Nadia Al Sakkaf, Chief editor of Yemen Times, receives Business for Peace Award

23 May. 2013 | Story

Nadia Al Sakkaf, editor of Yemen's first independent English language newspaper Yemen Times, has received the Business for Peace Award on 14 May at the Akershus Nobel Prize Fortress in Oslo

Syria: Rights Activists Face Terrorism Charges

17 May. 2013 | Story

The international community should urge the Syrian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release and drop all charges against a freedom of expression activist and two of his colleagues, 19 regional and international human rights organizations said today. Mazen Darwish and two of his colleagues from the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression (SCM), Hussein Gharir and Hani Zaitani, are facing trial on terrorism charges for their peaceful activism, the groups said

Azerbaijan: New legislative amendments further erode rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly

15 May. 2013 | Story

The International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (IPGA) strongly condemns a series of repressive legislative amendments that Azerbaijan’s National Assembly (Milli Majlis) adopted on 14 May 2013

Iraq: 2012 “worst year” for press freedom since fall of Saddam

08 May. 2013 | Story

The Baghdad based media freedom watchdog Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) describes a media community under the military's guardianship and government control