The Views and Perspectives of Radio Ergo’s Female Listeners in Mogadishu and Baidoa, Somalia

Radio Ergo provides much-needed information that can transform the lives of vulnerable populations in Somalia.

Radio Ergo, run by IMS, works to strengthen access to information and enhance Somali citizen’s awareness on important humanitarian and social issues in order to improve their lives and bring about positive change in the country.

Since 2016, Radio Ergo has worked to promote women’s voices. The radio has worked with different initiatives like monitoring the number of female and male voices in the programmes, increasing the number women reporters and profiling women’s contributions in Somali society.

This report examines the views and perspectives of female listeners on Radio Ergo’s programmes and their impact. It concludes that the radio plays an important role in the representation of vulnerable populations and the communication of their needs. It also emphasizes that the radio allows its female listeners to recognise their roles and responsibilities as citizens engaged in rebuilding their lives in a new Somalia.

Somalia has been affected by conflict, displacement and natural disasters, and with a local media generally focused on political and security related news stories, ordinary people has been largely excluded from programming. Radio Ergo is Somalia’s only dedicated humanitarian radio service, providing life saving information to and ensuring representation of vulnerable communities. According to the latest audience research, the broadcasts reach at least 58% of the Somali population.